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Siding & Refacing

      Wether you’re considering a retro fitted surface or deciding

on an application for new construction, it’s important to consider

appropriate insulation and a vapor barrier along with the  final cosmetic surface.  Just by looking at a before and after comparison, located in the  Westboro, Ottawa area, you can see

how appealing the presence of even, what would be typically considered a commercial application-steel rib.  Here we have taken an older  late Victorian home and brought it into modern light using just such material.  This home had no R value in it’s roof nor within it’s vertical sub-straight.  Adding rigid 2” insulation and house wrap on the walls, as well as blown in insulation (at the time of the roof change) makes enormous differences over the course of the winter season reflecting substantial savings in heating bills and bolsters comfort levels in an otherwise drafty environment. 

  before & after insulating and re-surfacing stripped down to the sub-straight, steel

furring, rigid insulation and charcoal, 26 gauge steel, pre-baked enamel, optimum rib.

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