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     As part of the residential envelope, Metropolis can provide free estimates to accommodate all

styles of pitched roofs to which an asphalt shingle application may suit.  Available products include

traditional three tab  as well as laminate or architect style asphalt shingles.  As part of our comprehensive attention to detail, cosmetic concerns, as well as logistical problem solving (were

drainage or ice build-up are problematic),  we can help trouble shoot  these issues and provide

creative solutions to rectify most needs.

     Asphalt shingles are available with 25 year and * limited lifetime manufacture’s specific warrantees .  Metropolis Roofing & General Contracting provides a 10 year guarantee on all of it’s workmanship (pertaining to contractual specifications).  Critical to the success of any roofing system is the consideration

of underlayment, solid sub-strates and appropriate ventilation.  We can advise you, when making

a plan to install your new roof, on upgrading your ventilation, underlayment,  quality of shingle, installing ice guards or even adding a skylight!  

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