Methods of Payment


Here’s how it works: Metropolis uses a safe and secure online estimation and invoicing service called- Freshbooks.

When you request a free, detailed etimate from Metropolis regarding your job you are autimatically

entered into our client profile. Your estimate, with full pricing and a comprehensive scope of work,

broken down as per your request, is emailed  or hand delivered right to you.

If you so choose to accept to do business with us you can simply click accept! From here we

present the contractual paper work which describes the exact same scope of work and pricing

information as was provided to you in the estimate- there are some things in business that should

be done in person and this is one of them!

Once we have this accomplished and all your questions are answered your contract will stipulate

the terms and conditions for payment as well as your warantee conditions. For bigger jobs, we will

usually request a material deposit upon the signing of a contract- this is outlined in the payment

schedule included in our contract- usually 25%  of the total. The balance and or subsequent scheduled payments are due upon the total completion or the agreed percentage completed of the scope of work as outlined and your complete satisfaction.

Payment. You may pay the security/material deposit, as well as all subsequent payments, using

any combination of cheque, etransfer or online credit card transaction- Visa and Mastercard only.

The conveniennce of using Visa or Mastercard will incur an additional cost of 2.9%, as per usual,

on the total amount of that payment being made.

Where and how does this take place?  When you want to submit payment(s) to Metropolis you will be conveniently sent an active invoice via email. Simply make payments through your invoice, via Freshbooks, and that’s all. You will be issued incremental reciepts for all payments made to us so you

allways know where you’re at with billing!

Knowing that most serious renovation work represents an signigicant investment, by you the homeowner, you may not want to defer the total cost of the work to your credit card, but would like to

reserve a percentage of the total payment to the convenience and subsequent benifits to your credit card. As long as you have access to a computer, a valid email address and  credit card you may choose to pay part or all of the cost of the work this way.  Usage of credit cards for payment must be

stipulated to and acknowledged by Metropolis in advance of the transaction.